FINANCIAL-GRADE™ Expertise for IT Infrastructure

There is zero margin for error.

Having the right IT infrastructure is only 50% of the solution.
The scrutiny to which financial institutions are subject is comprised of the strictest governance of any industry. The other 50% is understanding, navigating, and accommodating the regulatory agency requirements to maintain full compliance for financial reporting and annual audits.

We’re Neovera, and we provide the Financial-grade expertise missing from other managed services. We are a small, yet powerful consulting partner where you work directly with our executive leadership team - experts who have earned a pre-eminent reputation in cybersecurity solutions and managed services.

Neovera Financial-grade expertise is a holistic solution founded on G.O.S. (Governance, Operations, Security) that empowers banks, credit unions, hedge funds, private equity firms, trading agencies and similar organizations financial companies.

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