This webinar covers both enterprise corporate data and business application data to help you identify the deficiencies and prioritize recommendations.

Everyone wants to know “why” – and the answer is simple...the alternatives are:

  1. Company and client data breaches (and if that wasn’t enough…)
  2. Damage to your reputation and integrity of your business
  3. Slowdowns or complete shutdowns of operations

And do we even need to mention the PENALTIES, FINES, AND ASSOCIATED COSTS?

Policies. Processes. Implemented design. Operational documents.  
You Need high-level overviews of your data security posture to expose vulnerabilities in structured and unstructured data.

Learn what a Security Assessment should look like including:

  • What aspects should be assessed:
  • Data Governance & Architecture Documents
  • Data Security Controls
  • Translating insights into Action Plans
  • Global Implications of Data Protection (US, Canada, & GDPR)

Featured Webinar Hosts:

Greg Shanton Bio Pic


Greg Shanton
Vice President  of Cybersecurity

Greg is the Vice President of Cyber Security for Neovera, leading the cyber security professional services, security monitoring, and management services for Neovera providing services to both commercial and government clients. Before joining Neovera, Greg served in various capacities at CA Technologies, as Senior Vice President of CA’s professional services North American and Global Practices units, Vice President of the Identity and Access Management practice and the global lead for CA’s Cloud Security (Secure Cloud) partner program. Clients included both public and private sectors.

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