In order to do Identity and Access Management (IAM) correctly, there are several considerations that should NOT be overlooked.

IAM for Financial Institutions requires management of on-prem and co-loc environments. Whether it’s a new or an existing environment, you’ll want to identify common pitfalls to avoid them and address ways to overcome them.

Join Neovera as we discuss:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Financial Services Institution Focus, but IAM Fundamentals apply to most industries
  • On-Prem, Co-Loc, and Cloud based IAM management is very challenging
  • Common pit-falls & how to address them

Featured Webinar Hosts:

Greg Shanton Bio Pic


Greg Shanton
Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity

Greg is the Vice President of Cyber Security for Neovera, leading the cyber security professional services, security monitoring, and management services for Neovera providing services to both commercial and government clients. Before joining Neovera, Greg served in various capacities at CA Technologies, as Senior Vice President of CA’s professional services North American and Global Practices units, Vice President of the Identity and Access Management practice and the global lead for CA’s Cloud Security (Secure Cloud) partner program. Clients included both public and private sectors.

Nestor headshot


Nestor Morejon
Senior Enterprise Security Architect

Nestor has over 30 years of IT experience, from product development to full-scale, worldwide, complex enterprise deployments. Specializing in cyber security for most of his career, he has worked as a CISO, a consultant, and an SVP, Distinguished Engineer at CA Technologies. Nestor is a thought leader in the industry, conference speaker, and trusted advisor to many C-level executives of some of the largest organizations and government entities in the world. He has developed architecture requirements & deployment methodologies, compliance assessment & remediations, and has been key in major enterprise transformation projects.


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