Neovera discusses getting your data off the ground and into the cloud!

Data in the cloud is often the layer most hesitant to be migrated within organizations. This hesitancy often stems from discussions pertaining to security, loss of control, interoperability with other applications, performance, governance, and the lack of a definitive cost or ROI.  


This presentation will focus on the many strategies to consider when architecting and deploying data to the cloud, including:

  • Specific use cases for the migration of Oracle databases to the cloud
  • The architectures used for hybrid cloud deployments
  • Which parts of the migration process to pay the most attention to

Download this webinar replay and we’ll arm your company with everything you need to know for your cloud migration to be successful!

Featured Webinar Host:

Arman Headshot


Arman Rawls
Senior Oracle Database Architect

Arman is a Senior Oracle Database Architect at Neovera, but spent over 25 years of his career working with Oracle products as a Developer, Systems Administrator, and Database Architect/Administrator. He has presented at Oracle OpenWorld Conference and is an instructor/trainer in Oracle databases for Oracle User Groups. He has also co-authored a patent for Healthcare Predictive Surgery Analytics. 

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